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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hair Come The Brides!

Hair Come The Brides!

The sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed; whether indoor or outdoor, summer is the most beautiful time for love and matrimony! Brides, while we know you're busy planning your big day, we've decided to give you the low-down on all the bridal-minded bliss we've been brainstorming for you here at Ferricchia!

There are lots of new trends on the rise this spring/summer! Some intimidating, but never the less inspiring. Although some looks are bold, or may take you out of your comfort zone, we are here to help you customize a look that works with the overall style or theme of your wedding day while keeping in mind your personal style and how to make you look like you, at your best! I'm a firm believer in simplicity and elegance to help you feel your absolute most beautiful on your big day. Allow me to narrow down some of my favorite bridal styles for these summer months that will undoubtedly make any bride feel like a goddess.

Go Glam: Madmen Inspired

Betty Draper. Why she's always frowning with such perfect hair: BEATS ME! I believe this style would be unexpected and crowd mesmerizing for bobbed ladies. Got long hair? No worries, we know precisely how to pull this off for you with a faux bob!

Always breathtaking Joan Holloway. Ultra-glam updo, yet with very sophisticated softness.

Finishing Touches: How To Do The Headband

The lace, the volume, the bangs; I'm obsessed with this.

Simply curled lengths keep it simple in contrast to this elaborate hairpiece.

A larger headband can feel fresh when paired with a loose, tousled, backswept style.

Liking both of these trends? Combine the two! Retro-glam and headband collab!

How stunning for our pixie princesses?!

Some sparkle can add dimension that shows off texture within a style.

Braided Maidens

What could be more perfect for an outdoor summer wedding? Also, I'm in love the bare eye, defined lashes, and bold berry lip color.

 Braided headband with tousled volume; a pretty way to show off bangs.

 I'm picturing this waterfall braid peeking from beneath a vail; gorgeous. The rest of the lengths can be loosely waved or perfectly coiled to personalize the look.

There you have it pretty princesses; three of my favorite styles for bridal hair. As you can see, there are countless variations on each. Whether incorporating these trends into something soft and subtle or going all out and on-trend for our stand-out seekers, the opportunities for you to stun are endless! We are here for our brides and party-goers alike, fully equipped with curling iron and make-up brushes in hand!

Questions, consultations, and curious inquiries are all welcome.
We can't wait to try these! 

Written with love, 
Krissy xoxo

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