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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's Talk Hair Loss

Is hair loss a reoccurring thought floating around in your head day after day?

Hereditary Female Hair Loss Patterns
There are a myriad of causes besides hereditary factors that affect hair growth.  Fact is, it happens to more of us than you think! So now that you’re thinking about it let’s talk causes, solutions and prevention.

Men and women are both affected by hereditary and temporary hair loss.  Stress, cancer treatments, pregnancy, thyroid issues, and some medications are just some of the causes of temporary hair loss. High levels of oil and collagen can tighten around the hair bulb reducing nutrition and circulation. There are options out there besides hair implants or just accepting your fate.

Complexe 5 enhances the effectiveness of treatments up to 10 times!
Rene Furterer hair care products provide two treatment plans based on the type of hair loss. Both treatment systems start with cleansing the scalp with Complexe 5, which increases microcirculation as well as nourishes the scalp.  Everyone should use this regardless of their situation as a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Both permanent and temporary hair loss clients will find Rene Furterer Forticea shampoo strengthens the hair bulb and helps to hold the hair on to the scalp while continuing to stimulate microcirculation and delivering essential nutrition to the hair bulb.

Triphasic should be used twice a week for one month then once per week

Triphasic VHT treatment is formulated for those with hereditary (progressive) hair loss. It works against the three factors responsible for thinning hair by increasing microcirculation, regulating oil production, and preventing the tightening of collagen.

RF 80 should be used once per week for a three month period.  

For those with temporary hair loss, RF 80 is the answer. RF 80 improves the hair’s structure by stimulating cell renewal and production, increasing circulation, delivering increased nutrition, and promoting keratin formation. 

These products are best used according to the manufactures instruction and all our stylist are highly trained to recommend which system will work best for you!

- Team Ferricchia