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At ferricchia we offer advanced haircutting and coloring techniques. Each stylist brings with them an array of work experience from places such as Manhattan's trendy SOHO, Boston's upscale Newbury Street, and prestigious training at Vidal Sassoon Academies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TRY THIS AT HOME: Put a Sock In It!


Ok, I've been so excited to tell you about this trick I tried over the weekend!  We all know how chic and now the top knot chignon is.  Personally, my hair is too short to do a big, bangin' bun...OR SO I THOUGHT!

Apparently, Rachel Ray said something about this on her show a couple weeks ago (I don't have television, so I obviously missed said episode), but I learned this from a fabulously fashionable femme I met at a networking event!  Are you ready to put a sock in it?!

Start with a (clean, plz) sock:  Choose a color close to that of your hair color so it blends in easier.
1. Cut off the toe.

2. Tie your hair in a pony tail at your desired height.

3.  Put your newly crafted tube sock over your ponytail.

4.  Wrap hair into a bun as you normally would, folding over the sock-filler, and fasten with pins!


How about them apples, err...buns?  How about them buns?  YES!  
Try it, darlings, you won't believe how easy achieving perfection can be.

And as always,
Thank you for tuning in to this week's Fringe with Ferricchia!

Hope to see you soon, beauties!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey there, beauties!

Yowzers! Have you been outside today?  GLORIOUSLY UNSEASONABLE!  And I love it.

Last week I told y'all about a fun new coloring technique.  This week I'm here to tell you how to make that color last during the upcoming sunny season with our Product(s) of the Month: Phytocitrus shampoo & mask and Phytomist!  Incorporate these into your daily Phyto regime and you'll surely be sparkling in the sunlight.

So you've scheduled your color appointment with one of our stylish, beautiful, funny, talented, charming stylists at Ferricchia.  After a color service, the hair is left in an alkaline pH state, as opposed to its usual 4.5-5.5 pH.


Phytocitrus shampoo contains grapefruit extract, and uses acidity from the citrus fruit to restore the pH balance in your hair!  Phytocitrus shampoo also contains a UV filter to protect your color from fading.  This treatment shampoo should be used the following 4 washes after your color service, and once a week after that.

So we successfully reduced the alkalinity of our hair.  After the shampoo is rinsed, Phytocitrus mask is applied to towel dried hair.  This super nourishing, restructuring conditioner seals the previously opened hair cuticle, locking in your freshy-fresh tint job!  Use in conjunction with the Phytocitrus shampoo 4 washes post color service. Phytocitrus mask can be used as your daily conditioner after that!

Now you get to hear me rave about one of my favorite Phyto products:

Phytomist is a spray on, leave in moisturizer that can be applied anytime, anywhere.  There was awhile where I would literally carry it EVERYWHERE with me.
But get this!  Phytomist contains sunflower extract to prevent further oxidation of hair color, lotus flower to hydrate, and red algae to fight off feisty free radicals.

And it smells like heaven.
And its perfect for all hair types and textures.
And I love it.
And you, of course, my darlings.
Here's to another gorgeous day.  We hope to see you soon!


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's the hair haps?!


Premature?  Maybe a little bit.  But the past couple weeks weather has had me on cloud nine.  Feeling some sun and warmth has woken us up from our typical hibernative state, and have gotten our creative juices flowing here at Ferricchia.  In support of these juicy and jazzy ideas, education is key.  My industry is one that is always changing with trends and techniques, so there's always something new to learn!  This past Monday, Krissy and I travelled to Manchester, NH, for a dimensional coloring class.  Check out what we did!

This is my friend, Erika.  Yes, the mannequins actually do have names.
Attempting Erika's pout.

This coloring technique was achieved with advanced foiling placement and vibrant fashion colors.  DON'T BE SCARED!  This foil placement is so soft and pretty, and can be just as effective with NATURAL colors and tones, too!

So here's what I'm thinking:

Blonde?  Picture this:  Substitute Erika's brown with your natural hair color.  Imagine, where the hot pink is placed, a buttery golden highlight!  Where the purple is, a rich honey!
Brunette?  Think about accenting with a lighter blonde and copper!
Redhead?  LIGHT blonde with a golden mid-tone!

Really, the options are endless.  Get crazy, get creative, get thinking!

Chins up, beauties.  The days are getting longer, the wool is slowly getting packed back into the closet for the season, and we're feeling as fresh as a newly sprouted tulip.
Stay gorgeous,
and we hope to see you soon.

And tell me:
What colors would YOU choose to accent with?!

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