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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transformer Huff: A hair transformation!

HOLY MOLY, high heavens, this is stunning.


What I mean to say, my darlings, is that I've got something super exciting to show you today.  Sure, I may be slightly partial to the subject at hand seeing as though it involves my nearest and dearest...our very own KRISSY.  

Here we are en faux!

So like myself, Krissy was planning on growing her hair as long as possible.  My destination is mermaid length, as you've heard if you've ever sat in my chair.  Krissy was pretty close to achieving these desirable mermaiden locks when she threw me for a loop:  "CUT IT OFF!" she exclaimed to me one morning last week.  

So thats what we did!

I love you and you're beautiful.

Michelle Williams: the pic that changed everything!

First glance:  So at first glance this haircut looks pretty straight-forward; clean lines and soft shapes give this cut its guts.  Using a similar shape as a bob keeps this cut super wearable and easy to style, the difference is in the undercut.  We cropped the sides and back, layering for softness around the face, and left all our length on top using the fringe as our guide for said length.  

Really, Krissy?! PERFECT.

The result:  A surprisingly versatile and ultimately flattering cut that can be styled into a million different looks!  And a bursting breathe of fresh air for our beautiful babe, Krissy. BYE, BYE, PONYTAIL... HELLO HAUTE-STUFF!

OMG <3

Pomp: styled up and back.

Soft, side-swept wave.

Let this be an inspiration to you all, dudes and dames.  Been thinking on something new?  Feeling like shaking it up?  We say GO FOR IT!  We'll be with you every step of the way.

You rock my world, daring darlings.  Keep up the good work.
And special thanks to Krissy,
for letting me play with your hair.


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

TRENDING: How to do trendy RIGHT!

Greetings, earthlings (it is still earth month after all)!

Today we're going to be the shot-callers, ballers, the ultimate critics.  I'll be showing you the best and the worst of the popular trend this season- ombre, and will give some pointers on how to stay off any "bad hair" lists this spring.


Its everywhere!  Dip-dyed ends!  Gradual washes of color and lightness!  This can be the softest, most beautiful (while still being funky) coloring techniques.  Alternatively, it can also be harsh and awkward when done incorrectly.  After seeing an outpouring of ombre heads around, I've found more than online footage to give some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:
My gorgeous client, Devin.
Omg THANK YOU MILEY.  Finally something I don't hate on her!

Hillary Duff

Rachel Bilson 

Jamie Chung

Super-chic street style!

Hillary Swank

As you can see from our "good" list, there are some unifying factors that make these successful ombre.  Each chicky's color GRADUALLY fades from dark to light, giving the look of a natural color progression rather than a heavy line of change.  You may also notice that while the changes in color is dramatic, they've stayed within 4 levels of lightness of their base color, with the exception of some bright-brights at the very tips.  This is key for creating a cohesive ombre look!

Check out THIS VS THIS:

Drew had one of my favorite ombre's at the beginning of this massive trend.  While her original ombre was fairly strong in color differences, she had so much blond vs dark root, along with length, that it worked.  The cut in her second photo is amazing, but with shorter length comes a harsher look.  Her light ends compete too much with the deep root, and the progression of color feels rushed.

The BAD:



Audrina Patridge, a crying shame.


So you get the idea?
Keep your ombre organic, not overpowering, and you'll hit this multicolored nail on the head.  


Hi, James King, this is to dye for.

Now wasn't that fun and informative?
And as always, darlings,
we hope to see you soon!


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Sprouting: Phytocyane for hair loss!

Hey chickies and chicklets!

How's everyone's spring going so far?  Noticing anything different lately?  Our bodies, skin, and hair are readjusting to the change in temperature and that might feel a little weird!  But its also the perfect time to set your hair up for the season!

What comes to mind when you think spring?

Me?  I think flowers and babies and sunshine.  What I'm saying is spring is a time for rebirth and growth!  That includes your hair.  April's product of the month is Phytocyane for seasonal, stress, or hormone related hair loss.

Phytocyane Shampoo and Serum

Phytocyane shampoo contains ginko biloba and cinchona bark to stop hair loss, increase scalp circulation, and stimulate the hair bulb!  All good things!

After your two shampoo applications (as all our phyto phiends know) apply the Phytocyane Serum to the scalp.  Let me just list off some of the hard working botanicals in this super-serum:
Tyrosine to slow the appearance of gray hair.
Viburnum to stimulate NEW hair growth.
Vitamins B5 & B6 to thicken hair and nourish the scalp!

Come in and talk to the ridiculously talented and good-looking stylists here at Ferricchia about whether our Product of the Month may be the right choice for you this season!

For maximum benefits, use 3x per week for the first month, then once per week for the following 2-3 months in conjunction with Phytophanère, Phyto's hair growth supplement.

You'll be shocked at the sultry results AND how quickly they appear!

So you heard it here, my hair-brained beauties.  There is hope for hair loss yet!

Can't wait to see you, darlings,

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