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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime Haircare 101!

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're all enjoying the summer!  The heat has been driving us all to pools and la plage, but while your soaking up the sun and seawater try not to forget the integrity of your hair.  Play away, darlings, but protect yourself!  Read on for some simple and effective tips for keeping your locks in tip top shape.

Before beaching:

Remember that sun lightens both natural and artificial hair color.  You know those gorgeous natural highlights that grace the gourds of tiny cherubs everywhere?  Lightened pieces form while the melanin in our hair being destroyed as it wards off UV damage.  The more sun exposer, the lighter and drier our hair gets.  The same applies to artificial hair color.  Previously lightened pieces can lighten even more so.  That being said, here's what you should do!  Before you pack up the picnic basket and beach towels wet your hair down with tap water to avoid soaking up minerals that are present in pool or saltwater.  Spray hair with Phytomist to lock in moisture and pump up the UV protection.
Phytomist- take it with you!

Pack this in your beach bag to take with you and spritz on throughout your sunbathing.  Using red algae to protect the hair from environmental stressors and sunflower extract to prevent further oxidation of hair color, Phytomist instantly hydrates while providing perfect protection against the summer sun.

Step it up a notch:

Use your Phytokarite conditioning masque as an intensive, sun driven treatment!
Phytokarite ultra nourishing masque.

Apply after dampening hair.  The sun will heat your masque the same way sitting under the drier at the salon does, opening the cuticle and delivering serious restructuring keratin and pure moisture.  Cover hair (if desired) in a super chic retro style scarf and you're good to go!


Post Playtime:

CLEANSE, my darlings!  There are other ways to get beautifully beachy hair (I know you know, we went over that weeks ago!) than letting the salt or chlorine settle into your strands.  Shampoo with a clarifying wash like Phytoneutre to remove all impurities and avoid buildup.  Follow up your clarifying wash with moisture rich Phytojoba or Phytolactum, depending on your professional's prescription.  
Phytoneutre Clarifying Shampoo

Phytolactum Moisturizing Shampoo
for fine to medium texture hair.

Phytojoba Moisturizing Shampoo
for medium or coarse hair.

Always follow your shampoo with a conditioner to seal in nutrients.  Also, supplementing your regular color and haircut appointments with a semipermanent glaze will help maintain shine, softness, and tone of the hair.  

And stay on schedule:
Trims every 6 weeks is recommended to keep your hair at its healthiest, especially when we're out soaking up the sun.  Take the time to come see your favorite pros; you know we always love to see you!

We hope to see you soon,
have a safe and happy holiday!  Go America!


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hair Come The Brides!

Hair Come The Brides!

The sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed; whether indoor or outdoor, summer is the most beautiful time for love and matrimony! Brides, while we know you're busy planning your big day, we've decided to give you the low-down on all the bridal-minded bliss we've been brainstorming for you here at Ferricchia!

There are lots of new trends on the rise this spring/summer! Some intimidating, but never the less inspiring. Although some looks are bold, or may take you out of your comfort zone, we are here to help you customize a look that works with the overall style or theme of your wedding day while keeping in mind your personal style and how to make you look like you, at your best! I'm a firm believer in simplicity and elegance to help you feel your absolute most beautiful on your big day. Allow me to narrow down some of my favorite bridal styles for these summer months that will undoubtedly make any bride feel like a goddess.

Go Glam: Madmen Inspired

Betty Draper. Why she's always frowning with such perfect hair: BEATS ME! I believe this style would be unexpected and crowd mesmerizing for bobbed ladies. Got long hair? No worries, we know precisely how to pull this off for you with a faux bob!

Always breathtaking Joan Holloway. Ultra-glam updo, yet with very sophisticated softness.

Finishing Touches: How To Do The Headband

The lace, the volume, the bangs; I'm obsessed with this.

Simply curled lengths keep it simple in contrast to this elaborate hairpiece.

A larger headband can feel fresh when paired with a loose, tousled, backswept style.

Liking both of these trends? Combine the two! Retro-glam and headband collab!

How stunning for our pixie princesses?!

Some sparkle can add dimension that shows off texture within a style.

Braided Maidens

What could be more perfect for an outdoor summer wedding? Also, I'm in love the bare eye, defined lashes, and bold berry lip color.

 Braided headband with tousled volume; a pretty way to show off bangs.

 I'm picturing this waterfall braid peeking from beneath a vail; gorgeous. The rest of the lengths can be loosely waved or perfectly coiled to personalize the look.

There you have it pretty princesses; three of my favorite styles for bridal hair. As you can see, there are countless variations on each. Whether incorporating these trends into something soft and subtle or going all out and on-trend for our stand-out seekers, the opportunities for you to stun are endless! We are here for our brides and party-goers alike, fully equipped with curling iron and make-up brushes in hand!

Questions, consultations, and curious inquiries are all welcome.
We can't wait to try these! 

Written with love, 
Krissy xoxo

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer styling tools: BEAT THE HEAT!

Hey there, hunnies!  The heat wreaking havoc on your hair?  Is the humidity giving you hell?  Let me help!

As the summer heats up here in coastal Maine, we know the inevitable dew points are rising too.  Humidity is hair's most notorious nemesis, as it can indiscriminately poof, flatten, frizz, and frazzle.  So this season, whether you're curly, wavy, or straight, be armed and ready with the proper warm weather styling tools!

The Blow-out: 

Big blow-out at Versace.



Smooth and glossy at Chloe.

Don't be intimidated by a big, beautiful blow-out.  You can achieve this glam look as seen all over the Versace runways with the help of a few trusty tools and tips.
Start with your smoothing product:

Phytolisse Shampoo & Masque

Heat activated Phytodefrisant

Our Phytolisse Shampoo contains pine pulp to cut down blowdrying time and seal out humidity.  Follow with Phytolisse Masque for 48 hours of frizz control!  After you cleanse and condition apply a dollop of Defrisant, a heat-activated chemical free straightening balm.  Start your blow-dry by scatter drying to 70%.
Here's where clips come in handy!
Duckbill hair clips

When sectioning hair to blow-dry work from the bottom layer up.  This allows you to focus on one section of hair at a time.  Clip that other hair out of your way!  And work with sections that are no bigger than the diameter of your round brush.  Choose a brush that works for your hair: natural boar bristle brushes are perfect for coarser or curlier textured hair.
Prego perforated ceramic round brush.

Spornette natural bristle round brush.

Phyto smoothing natural bristle round brush.

Keep your cool, take your time, and try and make sure that each section is completely dry before moving on to the next.  Any moisture left in the hair will create frizz.  On your last pass of each section, wrap hair around the barrel of the brush and allow to cool.  This will hold the shape of the desired style.

Finish your blow-dry with one pump of Phytolisse Serum for a final seal of smooth.

Phytolisse Serum

This multi-purpose serum is also perfect for curly girls!  Apply liberally on wet hair and allow to air dry!  Re-apply throughout the day to tame and add shine!

Got some torque to your tresses?  Grab your Phytolisse Serum again!  Enhance natural wave (or create some!) and add polish by incorporating curls with a hot iron.  And don't over think it!  Follow your wave pattern, not all of your curls need to go in the same direction!  

Emma Stone enhances slight texture with
beautifully bended ends.

Combed out barrel curls at Anna Sui.

In a hurry but still trying for a beachy bombshell look?  Look no further than Phyto Matte Texturizing Paste!  Scrunch a squeeze of this soft texture cream into towel dried hair and air dry.  The result?  Enhanced natural texture that remains malleable throughout the day!  Scrunch anytime to reshape, its that easy!
Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog.
The ultimate in beach beauty!

Victoria's Secret beach waves!

So fear not the humidity, hotties!
Try these tips and tricks,
and use your tools.
All products shown are available for purchase at Ferricchia.
And as always,
we hope to see you soon!


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What goes around comes around: GOLD

Hello there, beautiful babes!  I hope everyone is hanging in there after all this rain we've been having.  The sun is trying to show its face today, but as we know living in Maine we cannot rely on the weather to brighten us up.

Thats why I'm here for you, my darlings, to add some shine to your week.  Some sparkle, some glamour, something exciting!  And whats more glam than gold?

I was looking at some history of hair and the recent display of all things gilded on catwalks worldwide show some striking similarities of hairstyles past.  We're talking inspiration from ancient Greece, Egypt, and 18th century Europe, all complete with the edge necessary for modern relevance.



Dakota Fanning!

Elizabeth Banks, gold flecked updo, SO GREEK!

Golden chignon at Dolce & Gabbana, Grecian goddess.

Glamourously gilded at Galliano.

Gold hair caps on the Topshop walk, reminiscently Roman.

Neon-tressed model Charlotte Free, 14 karat cap!

Rose gold highlights at Peter Som.

Marie Antoinette-esque headpieces at Vivianne Westwood stand
out against golden, flax colored locks.

Its true that fashion is regurgitated through the years, 
what goes around comes around,
and right now its all that glitters, all thats gold.



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