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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cocktails... These kind are okay to indulge in before happy hour!

With the holidays behind us, the time has come to get back into the normal swing of things. Have you been neglectful of your hair during this hectic time of year? If you're like me, your ends have paid the price. Frayed, split, dry and under nourished. My hair is a hot mess, help!
Now that things have calmed down, let's take a moment to regroup and lavish some attention on our long neglected hair!
There are several avenues you can take to restore health and vitality to your tresses. At Ferricchia, we are loyal converts to the Phyto line of haircare products. The great thing about Phyto is that while it makes hefty claims about what it can do for you hair, the claims are true. IT WORKS!
 As a treatment line, Phyto offers products geared toward very specific hair needs. Our stylists can offer you an in-salon treatment as well as a tailor-made take home regime.

Here are some of our favorite "cocktails" to remedy of the most common hair issues:

Dry split ends:  A mask is a great fix to deposit moisture back into hair. The PhytoJoba mask is ultra nourishing. You can use it both as an everyday conditioner as well as a leave in mask (5-10 minutes minimum). In addition to this mask, an oil treatment such as the Phyto Nectar oil applied to ends and left on a minimum of thirty minutes (I sleep with mine in) is super restorative.  Oh, and don't forget to keep up with your regular trims- no more than six weeks between cuts to keep ends healthy!

Irritated flaking scalp: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The polliene scalp treatment is a blend of essential oils that work to stimulate circulation and regrowth while soothing an itchy flaking scalp. It smells divine too! A shampoo like Phytolactum has the intelligent ingredient Progenium, which rids the scalp of bad bacteria while promoting good bacteria. Think of it as an acidophiles for your scalp!

Seasonal hair loss/ thinning hair: We have two great systems in the Phyto line devoted to hair loss. The Phyto Phanere supplement paired with the Phyto Cyane shampoo and treatment are perfect for those afflicted with seasonal or temporary hair loss. For hereditary or more persistent hair thinning or loss we recommend the Phyto Lium.

Friziness: Frizzed out hair is quite common in the Winter. Thankfully, it's also pretty easy to get rid of. The Phyto lisse system works to smooth hair. The shampoo and masque are wonderful, and the finishing serum packs the final punch to fight frizz. Anytime you feel the frizzies coming on, a few pumps of this serum raked through your hair will set you right!

Hat head: The word here is VOLUME! We live in Maine, which sometimes in the winter might as well be the frozen tundra.  Going without a hat is simply not an option for most of us. Unfortunately, hats tend to leave us with flattened out hair. A few spritzes at the roots of Phyto Volume Actif spray
and a blast of heat will lift your locks with little effort. This spray is reactivated by heat so no need to reapply mid-day.

Static Hair: Static hair is the naughty cousin of frizz. A little hairspray should do the trick. You can also use the Phytodefrisant/ Lisse serum cocktail  while blow drying to ensure hair is less apt to get static-y in the first place.

There you have it darlings. Some cocktails that are actually good for you. Your hair is thirsty this time of year, so bottoms up!

Team Ferricchia