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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Tutorial: the new way to wear hair accessories!

Hi, sweet darlings!

Lets start today's update by pausing to take in the beauty that is Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes.

Charlize wearing a vintage Cartier headband.

This headband made headbands cool again, I swear.  Sure, they may have been back on the rise with spring's fantastic retro inspirations, but this vintage Cartier solidified it.  Headbands are chic.  Be forewarned, I'm not referring to the headbands you wore as a little girl, all ribbons and bows.  Spring's hair accessories are retro-ravishing.

"Swirled suns" headband, Anthropoligie.com
"Sweet & Round" headband, Nordstrom.com
"Free skate" headband, Anthropologie.com

How to recreate the look:

This is way too easy, gals.  Start by creating a deep side part, as that will set the vintage vibe.  Using either your natural texture, or by incorporating some hot-styled curls, secure hair to the nape with an elastic.  Do this off to the opposite side that you parted on to up the retro ante.  Pin the secured hair into a messy chignon, add your new spring headband, and you're done!

I told you that was too easy.

Not into the headband thing?  As someone who wears glasses, I unfortunately fall into this category.  Thats just too much business around my ears.  FEAR NOT!  Adding a couple teeny tiny colorful crystal pins will create a darling, delicate winks at inspiring past decades.

Try something like this:
Kate, beautiful use of some natural wave, but you should add some pizzazz! 

So pop in some pretty pins!

So there you have it darlings.
Have fun, keep it simple and sweet,
and you're sure to be on trend with this easy to wear style.


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