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Thursday, February 2, 2012

This Thursday's Thought: natural texture

Hello, dearest darlings!

Hello, Thursday, you're here already?  I can be into that...

I'm also into our natural hair texture.  Sure, the grass is always greener to those with pin straight locks or corkscrew curls, BUT ITS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!  There's no grass anywhere, so lets just work with what we've got.  Today I'm going to show you a few of my favorite styling tools, all of which we use here at ferricchia.  Per usual, none of the images are mine/ours/you get the idea.

So no matter what texture you're working with, you want to start with a styling product on wet hair.  My favorite and universal styling product is the phytolisse serum.  This shine enhancing, frizz fighting, lightweight serum can be used on wet AND/OR dry hair, WITH OR WITHOUT heat.  Thats huge.
phytolisse serum

Curly girls:  You're job is done.  Or it can be, if you want it to be.  Air dry your sparkling spirals, or spend a few minutes getting to know you're diffuser!  This attachable nozzle evenly disperses the air flow, and at a more gentle speed than just using the blow dryer and your hands, making frizz a figment of your imagination.
Universal diffusing nozzle.

 I don't know who this is, but I love it!

See above (lolz).

Got some torque to your tresses?  Use it!  Blow dry your hair upside down, tousling at the root.  When hair is mostly dry, flip upright and grab your round brush.
phyto boar bristle brushes; left, smoothing, right, volumizing.

Take an inch wide section on both sides of your part.  From this panel, take an inch wide horizontal section starting at the crown of your head, and blow dry working the brush up and back, away from your face. This technique will polish the top and outer layer of your hair, making it look like you did a whoooooooole lot more than you did.  Smooth out ends as you wish, gorgeous!

 Ashley Olsen
Kristen Stewart (I can't help but love her)

Got mostly straight-pinstraight hair?  Go with it.  Straight can be so beautiful.  Use a volumizer or dry shampoo around the crown of your head, blow dry upside down for a sec, smooth, and call it gorgeous!
The lovely Rose Byrne.

I mean, 
thats what I'm thinking.
And that's this Thursday's thought! 


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