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Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF: the weekend preview!

OOF!  Talk about some snow, eh, ferricchia-ites?  I know it may be silly to think about spring trends when we just got DUMPED on.  But yes, before the parking ban has even been put into effect, I'm going to show you whats hot now and what will be influencing the upcoming hair trends!  There's something for everyone here, just try to keep an open mind, dolls.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.

Bombshells, the vintage look is EVERYWHERE lately.  With period films like My Week with Marilyn, featuring the stunning Michelle Williams, we're seeing a rise both in root volume, rolls, and movie star glamour!  Victory rolls, people.  They're back, and they're not too difficult to achieve!  Play with hot rollers, 1inch barrel curling irons, and pin curls.  Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to victoriously roll and wrap your way to starlet status.

So Hollywood's got their poster child in Ms. Williams, but liberty curls have been spotted on Spring/summer 2012 runways as well.  Keep the look smooth and polished for the most put together result.  Gently deconstruct for a softer, slightly avant-gardish, romantic look.

Just a little retro-vibing fringe rollup!

Simple and beautiful, vintage scarf hair wrap.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring 2012.

Model, Spring 2012 runway look, futuristic.

The original rolled siren, Ms. Rita Hayworth.

Here's a transition for y'all:

Model, runway, Spring '12 rocking bright pink textured rolls.

That was the perfect segue.  BRIGHT PINK HAIR!  Its not as scary as it seems (or at least it doesn't have to be), trust me.  Rose hues are everywhere right now.  Between Katy Perry's first blushing bob, to an all out glowing gradient of fuchsia, pink is where its at.

Katy Perry's mild ombre of pale pink.

Baby pink ombre's from behindthechair.com 2012.

Model Charlotte Free's flaming gradience, Spring runway 2012.

Pink not your color?  Its all about placement and FUN!  Try orange, turquoise, or lavender peekaboo foils or ombre tips.

Model, runway Spring 2012.

Lauren Conrads subtle streaks.

Style goddess, Kate Bosworth (totally in love with her).

Now beautiful darlings, I know these are slightly intimidating trends that we're dipping our toes into.  Just remember you don't have to go overboard to achieve these striking looks!  Try incorporating a liberty roll fringe, or big soft retro waves pinned back on one side.  A pop of bright pink from under a classic long layered haircut can be a welcome surprise to passersby;  eye catching without being outrageous.

So get those wild wheels turning, beautiful.  
Stay warm,
stay dry,
stay gorgeous.

See you all soon,
Team Ferricchia

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