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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hump day: for your health!

Phyto darlings, faithful ferricchia-ites, its Wednesday yet again.  Hopefully you all are having a wonderful week thus far.  Vacations are ending, things are winding down, and we're getting settled into the dreaded doldrums of winter.  It's cold, it's dry, and so is our hair.  Now is the perfect time to take care of yourself.  We always see our friends claiming resolutions for the new year, and with the promises to exercise and eat healthy, why not incorporate your hair into a healthy 2012?

Each month here at ferricchia we like to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite products.  January's product of the month is Phytokeratine.

Phytokeratine is a reparative program for weakened and damaged hair from heat styling or chemical processing (guilty as charged!).  Comprised of the phytokeratine shampoo, conditioner, and reparative serum, the system restructures your hair from the inside out with:

Botanical keratin:  created to act in replacement of hairs natural keratin proteins lost in over processing.

Hyaluronic acid:  injects and retains moisture deep within the hair shaft.

Rice bran ceramics:  smooths and fills "pot holes" in the hair.

Pomegranate:  forms a protective shield for your hair, combatting the harmful effects of free-radicals and uv damage.

Phytokeratine: for your health!

Tune in next Wednesday for the fringe hump day!

Hang in there, Northeastern beauties,
we'll get through this winter together.
Just you, me, and phyto.

Yours truly,

ferricchia hair
47 india street
portland, maine
(207) 253-8050

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