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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Updo Walk-through!

Good morning, beautiful people!

So this was originally going to be a "Tuesday Tutorial", however, this a busy time for both stylists and clients alike and Tuesday came and went in a flurry of hair and fun.  Thus our Tuesday Tutorial has become a Wednesday Walk-through!  Here I will give you a step by step on how to create a beautiful, easy yet intricate looking updo!  This look can be created on shoulder length hair or longer.  The look can simply be modified depending!  My hair is just to my shoulders and I did it on myself in a matter of minutes:

I found my inspiration on behindthechair.com!

Ok! So you want to start with dry, dirty hair.  Thank you to the beautiful Krissy, ferricchia stylist, for being my model:

Hi hunny bunny!

From here you want to put in your products.  On Krissy we used my beloved Phytovolume Actif, a tremendous heat activated root lifting spray.  Spray on roots and apply heat with your blowdryer, lifting at the roots with a round brush.  

PhytovolumeActif, $35

Next: Add light polish to the ends of the hair using a round brush or big barrel curling iron.  I took large, random sections on Krissy, and wrapped the ends around an 1inch barrel iron.  Don't over think it, this doesn't have to be neat or perfect.  

After you've tamed your ends a bit, decide which side your part favors.  If you normally part your hair on the left go with that.  An exaggerated side part is nice with this style if your hair is long enough.  Fringe can be worn straight down or side swept.  
First: Take the first two inches from your hairline, or fringe, and split into two sections.  Then: Twist the two sections away from your face.  With each twist, pick up another bunch of hair from your hairline, working your way towards the ear.

Work your way down the side of your head, towards the back of the ear, pulling sections from both sides of the hair but only adding to the twist in front.  This will create the loose, rope like coil that we're going for!  Continue adding and twisting until there is no more hair to grab.  Secure the end with an elastic band.

Now this is the fun part!  With the bulk of our work done, bring your own creativity to the style.  Simply take the tail of your twist and tuck it inside itself any which way you choose!  Secure with bobby pins!

Let pieces fall where they want, securing any unwanted pieces by pinning with bobby pins into the twist.  Spray with hairspray and TADA!  A beautiful and unique style for the holiday season!


Have a wonderful Wednesday, faithful ferricchia-ites!

Team Ferricchia

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