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Friday, December 16, 2011

TGIF: the weekend preview!

YAY WE MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK!  TGIF, beautiful friends.  Its Friday once again, which means for us it's time for our weekend preview.  Today I'll be showing you some upcoming cut and style trends for (not only this weekend, but) the winter season.  Findings are based on most recently requested looks from our personal clientele, celebrity trends, and runway looks.

So I know its winter and maybe you're first thought isn't, "Omg cut all my hair off, I want a pixie!"  Less hair equals less warmth on your head, but a seriously hot look overall.  If you've been entertaining the idea for awhile now might be the time to jump on this sexy band wagon.
Now before you walk in and ask for one inch all over, lets talk about options.  Theres sleek, theres voluminous, theres smooth, wavy, curly, colored, the list goes on.

Valerie Curry, polished pixie cut.

Model, sharp pixie cut.

Anne Hathaway's new textured pixie, gorgeous.

Ashlee Simpson, edgy pixie with length at the perimeter.

Model, big, soft, short hair.

Not into a total life-changing chop?  Start with fringe!  Fringe is the easiest, most noncommittal way to update your look for winter.  Talk to your pro about what will work best with your face shape and hair texture, as well as your styling routine.  The amount of work you want to put into your fringe makes a huge difference in the type of fringe would be most suitable for you. Here are some of my favorites!

Emma Stone, classic fringe.

Kate Moss, long classic fringe.

Zoe Deschanel, long straight across fringe.

She's just so darn cute!

Kirsten Dunst, long side swept fringe.

Jessica Alba, long parted fringe.

Rachel McAdams, classic side fringe.

Really not into changing your cut?  Go big! Bigger! EVEN BIGGER!  Volume is aways sexy, and can be the perfect way to heat up a stagnant style.  Play with your natural texture, try out a diffusing nozzle on your blow dryer, mix different sized curling irons, and work a warmer winter wonderland look.

Blake Lively's lively locks (LOLZ).

Uma Thurman's sexy lifted roots.

Model, untamed winter wilderness.

Wild ones, have yourself a beautiful weekend.  You deserve it.

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