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Friday, November 16, 2012

FYI: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Well hello again!

Here at Ferricchia we are convinced that hair requires the same regimen and attention that skin does.  Why...because almost all hair concerns lie much deeper than the skin's surface. The answer to shinier, thicker and healthier hair lies in treating the root (hair bulb) from which the hair actually begins it's life cycle.
What we all strive for: Hair Vitality!

By the age 40 for most men and women our skin regimen changes. We need to deal with all the signs of aging...wrinkles, dullness and sun damage.  

Hair changes in similar ways.  The color looks dull, our hair loses its shine and then decides to go gray on us.  
Phytocyane serum. Use with the Cyane shampoo!

At this point more than ever we need to be aggressive in our mission to feed the source. There isn't much you can do to the hair once it emerges from the scalp (skin).  So focusing on adding nutrients to the hair bulb/scalp area daily can change the end result of the actual hair strand.

Solutions....PHYTO! For over forty years Mr. Ales has paved the way for botanical hair care long before the emergence of environmental awareness.  Formulated with pure plant extracts and 100% natural essential oils, PHYTO utilizes over 500 different active ingredients that are sustainably sourced. As a result, Phyto products are infused with plant based ingredients and have been proven to improve thinning, dull hair.

Think: Feed the source with nutrients and the end result is bound to be beautiful.

Phytophanere for thicker hair and stronger nails, accelerates growth!

When our clients switch to Phyto products they see and feel the results and become OBSESSED!

Here at Ferricchia our training with PHYTO never stops.

One of my favorite Phyto systems is the hair thinning and hair loss line.
 There are products specific to both men and women.  This range may be preventative and restorative but it also can give anyone's hair a serious boost!
There are different reasons for hair thinning or loss. It can be short term and triggered by stress or health issues, hormones even.  It can also be hereditary, which most is most commonly seen in men.
The PhytoPhanere hair and nail vitamins are great for both genders and is their #1 seller in Europe.

The Phytocyane Shampoo, excellent for temporary hair loss or thining.
The Phyto Cyane shampoo and treatment are excellent for women experiencing hair loss or thinning. The Cyane works to stimulate the hair bulb and jump start new growth. This system will also strengthen and thicken the diameter of each strand with help of vitamins and plant proteins.

Let's hear it for the boys!
For men, we recommend the Phyto Lium system.
The Lium system is ideal for hereditary hair loss. Phyto Lium delays thinning, prolongs hair's life cycle and encourages new growth.  It's unique patented botanical complex protects the hair bulb and improves cellular exchanges for denser, thicker and stronger hair.

So if hair loss or thinning is a concern, if you're looking to take preventative measures OR  if you simply desire a more lustrous mane, we have several options that work beautifully.

At Ferricchia, we are more than happy to help you with whatever hair and scalp issues you might be facing. We will recommend a personalized home care routine and can perform restorative treatments in- salon.
We hope to see you soon, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Team Ferricchia

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