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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A perfect salon blowout: Yes YOU can!

More often than not when clients leave the salon, I hear "It's too bad I don't have somewhere to go, my hair looks amazing. I can never get it to look like this at home!"
While our stealthy and skilled stylists are consummate pros, you CAN replicate what we do to your hair at Ferricchia in the comfort of your own home.
 Skill will come with practice but it is essential that you start with the correct tools for your hair and for the result you desire. You aren't going to use the same products for sleek stick straight hair as you would for voluminous Victoria's Secret angel hair.  
An angel gets her wings at Victoria's Secret
A properly done blowout will last a few days so it's worth the time and effort.
Here's how:

What You Need

  • Styling product for your hair type
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Clips
  • Blowdryer
  • Wide-barrelled brush, preferably boar bristles or ceramic barrel.

1- Start with a shampoo and conditioner that work for your hair type. For example, the PhytoLisse System is excellent for smoothing frizzies and fly aways.
2- After washing, get excess moisture out of hair with a towel and then apply product. Our favorite cocktail is the Defrisant: a smoothing balm and Lisse serum, smooths and boosts lustre. If you have dry hair a leave in conditioner is a great option, Phyto mist or 7 are both great plant derived products.
3-If hair is still quite wet, use a dryer to remove excess moisture before you start the blow dry or let hair air dry for a few minutes.
4-Start with your fingers:  the secret to the perfect blowout is to start with your fingers. Pull your fingers through hair starting at the roots. Pull hair out a few inches and hold it while you use the dryer to shoot air at the crown on down. 
5-Separate hair into sections: Divide combed hair into sections and secure with clips. Drying by section is important and lets you be sure that hair is completely dry before moving on to the next section. Leave out a section to start with.
6- Now that your roots are dry, it's time to move on to a round-barreled brush. Pull the brush through hair as you blow dry, pointing the nozzle downward onto hair (this supposedly helps with frizz). Stretch the hair toward that point as you dry. This way, when done, the tips won't flip under or up -- they'll just sort of fan out over your shoulders."
 Finish with a blast of the "cool" button on your dryer which will really lock in the style. As you pull the brush through hair, follow the brush with the dryer.

7-Continue through all sections until hair is dry.
A volumizing spray like Phytovolume Actif applied at the roots will boost your hair's body tenfold. Another option if going for big sexy hair is to implement large Velcro rollers.

8- Finish off with a serum: Weigh down random frizzy bits with a shine serum or balm. Skip this step if you have limp, oily hair.

a ceramic round brush available at Ferricchia!
Well, there you have it...
Yet if you find yourself still left with questions, attend one of our upcoming Blowout 101 classes! Call 207.253.8050 for more information and reserve your spot.

Until next time!
Team Ferricchia

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