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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reflexology and Massage at Ferricchia? Be still my heart (and back, neck and feet!)

Hello Lovelies!
Here we are with the weekend upon us. I don't know about you but by this time of the week my back and neck are in need of some serious TLC. Many of us toil in our nine-to fives in front of a computer and the sitting, repetitive motions and slouching (I'm soooo guilty of this one!) can really wreak havoc on one's body.
   This is why I was thrilled when we brought licensed massage therapist Heather on board at Ferricchia.
 In addition to offering chair massage which makes for great lunch break indulgence or add-on to any other appointment, Heather also offers reflexology. It's exciting to think that when you, our beloved clients walk through Ferricchia's door, we have yet another set of services to offer you that will heighten your experience and time you spend with us!

a reflexology chart.
 In addition to being relaxing, both of these services offer therapeutic and natural approach to treating whatever ails you.
I'm going to hand the blog over to Heather now, I'm excited for her to tell you about what she does and why she does it!
     Heather:   Hello everyone! As most of you know any type of massage feels amazing but what most of you don't know is how beneficial it actually is. Massage helps reduce stress, manage anxiety and depression, for expecting mothers it can help assist with shorter and easier labor. If you're feeling stiff and have some joint pain, massage can help increase your flexibility in your joints and also helps those suffering with arthritis. But of course a big reason why people should get massages is it just gives them that feeling of overall well-being and adds comfort and a caring touch to benefit all lifestyles.
Heather performing Chair Massage.
   Reflexology is a massage technique that is mostly done on the feet but also can be done on hands. Say you have a migraine, there is actually a point on the bottom of the foot that when pressure is applied can actually help relieve the migraine. How awesome is that?! 
Reflexology is great for the body, but did you know it can benefit the recipient psychologically? Helping with depression, it releases toxins from the body. The body under an extreme amount of stress will hold onto toxins and won't let them go. When the body is balanced, the toxins get released and once released the physical issues will improve. It's a known fact that toxins enter the body through the feet, the foot is considered the basis point for the healing. Ever recall a time when you realized if your feet are warm then the rest of your body is warm? This is an indicator that the massage in the feet in reflexology can lead to healing in other parts of the body.
    Bottom line: Everyone can benefit from massage and reflexology. As a massage therapist it's nice to hear that I can make someone feel good and help with easing aches and pain. That said, I'm also passionate about educating people on how beneficial these services can be to their everyday lifestyle.
I'm so excited to meet you all and get you in my chair!

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