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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Me MAUVE: Krissy Amazes Yet Again!

Hello, beauties!

So unless you've been living under a rock (or haven't been following our fringe in the past), you know that pastel hair is all the rage.  Over the past several months we've seen an increase in iridescence and crops of cotton candy colors topping the tresses of trendsetters everywhere.

Model Charlotte Free for Prada.

Pastel street style!

Model, pastel pink

Model, pale pastel lilac

Model, deep lilac

Model, intense lavender

Now, anyone who knows our darling Krissy knows that she can, and more importantly will, pull off any amazing transformation under the sun.  A change like this is reminiscent of a few months back when we lopped a glorious seven inches off Krissy's flaxen locks.  Well, she's done it again.  This time with the softest rosy lilac:  ITS MAUVELOUS!


So here's what we did:

We started by pre-lightening Krissy's natural blond hair to a clean pallet of all over white blond.  To add dimension we low lighted with dark neutral blond vertical foils placed at a diagonal angle, using the same dark neutral blond to create depth at the root.

"By depositing the neutral over platinum blond, we created cool base and dimension to put our pink over," explains Krissy, "That way there's so many different levels of depth for the pinks to pick up on."

This look can be easily tweaked based on your desired outcome, as well.  Leave out your lowlights for a more all-over wash of pastel.  Deposit a warmer tone and your pinks will pick up the gold and there you have surefire sherbet!

Here's my question for Krissy: Why'd you do it?!

"Its something I've been wanting to do for a LONG time!" says K-Huff, "Its a bright bold color while still looking so soft and feminine."

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